February 3, 2023

Process of Phad

Canvas Preparation
White cotton cloth is soaked overnight in cold water and kept for drying during the morning. While it is still moist, it is dipped into a home made starch solution (made from flour and water) for some time and then dried in bright sun light (it should be stretche well).

After it dries completely the surface facing the sun is nibbed with smooth glass. This process gives a shining and particular texhlre to the cloth. After this canvas is ironed from the opposite side, it is ready for painting.

Color preparation
All the colors are natural and prepared by the artist himself As these colors are derived from natural stone colors, there is a limited number of colors to be used in the paintings, like for brown color red clay (also known as Orpiment) is used. For blue color indigo is used.

For preparing a color 100 gm color stone is mixed vvith 1 liter of water gradually. It takes from 15 days to one month to prepare a smooth color. Once the color is ready it can be used for many years by just adding water and gum solution.

Due to non-availability of natural colors, some times synthetic colors can also be used.
Following synthetic colors can be taken, which are closest to the natural colors derived from
Skin color – Orange and crimson yellow
Blue – Ultramarine blue
Red – Poster Red
Blake – Black plus gum solution
Green – Sap Green
Brown – Indian Red
Yellow – Crimson Yellow


The Process

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